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Cosmetic Dentistry Services

A smile that looks just as great as it feels can be a valuable asset. After all, countless studies have shown that adults with white, straight teeth are often perceived as more confident, more successful, and more attractive by their peers. Sadly, though, few people are born with naturally perfect smiles. If you’ve been struggling with dental stains, chips, gaps, or other visual flaws that diligent brushing and flossing just won’t fix, Dr. Jones and his team are happy to help with cosmetic dentistry services. We can create beautiful changes for your smile here at our Dallas office!

Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Enamel stains and discoloration happen for a number of reasons, including age, genetics, and even certain types of medication. Let us help you regain your smile’s former allure with the help of a customized tray whitening system. All you have to do is wear the trays and high-grade whitening gel we provide for a short period of time over a number of days. With this method, our patients typically achieve teeth that are 4-8 shades lighter.


Veneers are often considered the ideal solution for patients who want to give one or more teeth a complete do-over. Precisely created with beautiful, wafer-thin pieces of dental porcelain, veneers are fitted closely and comfortably over existing teeth, effectively erasing all your flaws at once and leaving you with a brand-new, polished look that’s sure to leave you feeling more confident than ever. Better yet, veneers are even more resistant against staining than natural teeth, which means you won’t have to feel bad about that second cup of coffee.

Contact our office today to schedule you first appointment, or if you’d like to know more about our variety of available dental services. Dr. Jones and his team are dedicated to providing patients with care that’s always warm and personalized to fit their unique needs. We look forward to welcoming you to our oral healthcare family!